How do I secure the best price for my home?

How you choose to present your home for marketing can impact your final sale price
by thousands.

Once your photos are booked in with our dedicated
in-house Marketing and Photography team, it’s time to get to
work making your home look its absolute best.

Beautiful Dining Room

Follow our step-by-step guide to get the best results from your property…

STEP 1: Tidying Up

The first hurdle is getting the property clean.

Messy photos will actively damage your chances of securing viewings and significantly reduce your property’s value.

This is not the time for half measures and your efforts at this stage will make a massive difference in securing your asking price.

It is important to book your photos before you begin packing.

A room full of moving boxes will detract from the impact of your home. If we include the photo your home will look cramped and messy, and if we opt to leave it off the listing you run the risk of making the property feel an entire room smaller.

*This is even more essential if you are having a Video Viewing, Lifestyle Video, or an Exclusive Short Film of your property.

STEP 2: Declutter

We all enjoy being at home after a good spring clean. But when you live there every day, sometimes it’s hard to see past the clutter you are used to.

When it comes to putting your house on the market, your photos need to stand out. Unnecessary clutter will distract your buyer. If their focus is on the mess, then they can’t fall in love with the house. We may even need to crop into a photograph of a room to hide the clutter making your house look smaller than it truly is.

Smart Apartment

Minimalism is the key.

Once the room is tidy, begin to reduce the number of objects that draw your eye. Visible focal points within the room are often high contrast or particularly vibrant items. Boxes and objects with big brand names can be distracting too. If your kitchen has more on the countertop than a kettle, a toaster, and a vase of fresh flowers, then it is probably too much.

Try to keep a consistent style and tone in each room if an ornament or object doesn’t fit try it in a different room.

*This is even more essential if you are having a Video Viewing, Lifestyle Video, or an Exclusive Short Film of your property.

STEP 3: Light

A room will always look its best if it is well illuminated.

Photography is about capturing light, and even a room with a bright window will look better on a camera with the lights turned on.

Make sure all your lights are on. Try adding bedside table lamps, side lights, fairy lights, or any other illumination to help the room come to life.

Make sure you test and replace any failed bulbs before photos are taken.

Bright Room

STEP 4: Staging

Empty rooms can’t hope to rival the impact and desirability of a well set dressed home.

Occasionally we have properties come to market that have already been vacated. While they may be lacking in clutter, they go too far the other way and lack any kind of atmosphere at all.

Empty VS Professionally Staged & Set Dressed

Staged Home

We build a lifestyle you want to live in.

As we have learned from our decades of experience in the industry, a well set dressed home will sell faster and for more money than an empty home. This is why you will see set dressing as an essential step in staging the gorgeous show homes for our new developments.

We are partnered with an incredible local home stager to help you find the right look for your property and achieve the best results on your sale.

*This is even more essential if you are having a Video Viewing, Lifestyle Video, or an Exclusive Short Film of your property.

STEP 5: Photography & Marketing

Now it’s time for the photographs.

One of our professional photographers will strive to capture your home at its absolute best. By tidying, decluttering, illuminating, and staging your home, we can really make it shine. We use the right equipment for the job, ensuring that rooms are shown realistically and in the most attractive way possible.

Photographer Frankie

Blue Skies – smiling at me.

One of the most valuable things we provide is time. We won’t rush you, or race in and out of your home in ten minutes, we invest our time to get you the best result from every room.

Grey skies are a common sight when you are 53 degrees north. We will happily come back to your property another day in better weather to capture that perfect blue-sky cover. As exciting as it can be to race onto the market, we always recommend patience. You can only hit the market once and we want you to have the biggest impact and attract the most viewers.

STEP 6: Video

Elevate the value of your home.

When we attend for your photos, we will also film the content for your video. This isn’t a rushed wobbly walkaround with a GoPro. Our professional videographers will attend to map your property, plan their shots, and produce a breathtaking video of your home.

A good video ensures we won’t attract time-wasting viewers or anyone who isn’t absolutely in love with your home.

*Steps 1-4 are even more essential when you are having a video of your home.

If a picture paints a thousand words then a video fills the book.

Lifestyle Videos are ideal for selling a property. They are engaging tours, set to set to music, that capture the energy of your home. These are filmed at the same time as your photos and add about an hour to your appointment.

Our Exclusive Short Films are in a league of their own. They require a much longer appointment and are more akin to being on a film set than having some photos taken. They are reserved for the very best homes and the vendors who want to achieve the highest sale value for their property.

This top-tier service uses a much higher grade of film equipment. It is a much more involved process of capturing your home, its grounds, and the surrounding area to paint a complete picture of your property and its value. The end results of our exclusive short films are like nothing else.

*Steps 1-4 are even more essential when you are having a video of your home.

STEP 7: Editing

The work doesn’t stop there.

Once your photos are taken, they go through an intensive edit process to ensure that they are true to life in illumination and colour.

We make sure the photos are bright and engaging without over-editing them.

A camera (however fancy) can’t see as much as a human eye, so we edit our images to ensure we create a true to life representation.


Professionally Edited Photograph

Property Marketing Plan


We get the best results by hand-editing every single image, using the industry-leading software suite.

You won’t find us using fisheye lenses or distortion effects to make rooms look larger than they are.

We don’t use social media style automatic filters or paint in fake Mediterranean sunsets. You can trust our images will be true to the property and show it on its very best day.

*Please be aware that if you are having a video; the editing is a much more involved process and will add time to your edit.

STEP 8: Reaching the Right Audience

Finding your buyer.

Once we are sure your photos are compelling and attractive, we produce a bespoke brochure with your floorplan and an engaging description. This is available digitally on all our portals and platforms, as well as in physical copy from our office.

It wasn’t too long ago that estate agent listings featured such horrible phrases as: “surprisingly spacious” and “Gas Central Heating/ UPVC Windows”. As you have probably guessed, that’s not really our bag. We keep on top of market trends and behaviours to ensure that we always describe our properties in the most engaging ways we can.

Example Brochure

Internet Advertising

All the best portals.

Now our inspiring selection of marketing materials are assembled, edited, and approved it is time to list your home on the market and start booking viewings.

We time our property launches based on exhaustive market research to ensure you make the biggest impact when you hit the market and secure the most viewers.

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      If you need to let your property then we highly recommend you consider using MorfittSmith Estate & Letting Agent. We recently engaged their services … More to let our property and the whole process was very efficient. The staff are friendly and guided us through everything. They were quick to reply to emails and telephone calls no matter what our query or concern. Finding the right tenant for us (and the property) was clearly their main aim and they did not disappoint us. Thank you MorfittSmith, your customer service was excellent.
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      We were quite urgent with trying to find a lettings property and stuck with trying to find somewhere that met needs. Both Emma and Tom from the team were … More so helpful in consolidating what our requirements were, suggesting a specific area and providing us with quick viewing dates where they could. A very well informed, professional and friendly agency

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