Achieve the best from your new development

    We maximise your return at every stage of development, from choosing the best land to handing over keys to a happy buyer. All you need to do is build it, we will handle everything else.

    Our Land and New Homes Department is a unique builder centre that operates at the macro and the micro with exclusive in-house services to secure the best results for your build.

    We can achieve amazing results for first time builders, national giants, and everyone in between.

    Take a look at our bespoke services and see what we can achieve for your developments.

    Take advantage of our full spectrum of services or tailor your own palette

    Land and Development Valuation

    Valuation of Land

    The first step in any development is identifying cost-effective land with the right potential for a lucrative build.

    Whether you are building 1 or 1000 our service is tailored to you. All our valuations follow an in-depth assessment of comparables and on-site analysis. We don’t just make an estimate with photographs from behind a computer. With decades of experience valuing land and calculating the “Return On Investment” of potential homes to be built upon it, we can ensure your development has a running start. With our own dedicated Sales department, we can even sell undeveloped land you don’t need to our network of builders.

    Expert Site & Development Valuation

    Piggy Banks

    Competitive Pricing

    Our expert pricing will help you to achieve the best possible return on your home(s) without crushing your sales pipeline by overpricing or missing out on revenue by underpricing.

    All our valuations are supported by comparable evidence appropriate to your development. This thorough market analysis ensures you even greater reliability from our valuation than that of a competitor.

    Maximising Schemes

    Changes in government policy, initiatives, and incentives can have a huge impact on your development. This may affect your build cost, borrowing, and site structure, for better or for worse. We will format your site to maximise the benefits of schemes like “Help to Buy” so that you achieve the greatest return.

    Help to Buy a government-backed scheme to help first-time buyers get a foot on the property ladder. Needing only a 5% deposit and a government loan of 20% which is interest-free for the first five years. This means you only need a mortgage of 75% of the property value. This makes owning your home a lot more accessible.

    More information on this scheme can be found on the Help to Buy website here: Help to Buy

    Help to Buy Logo

    Consumer Code

    We Are Compliant & We Keep You Compliant Too

    You’re coming to the experts, so you can trust that we have got you covered.

    Our New Homes Team are all fully trained in the Builder Consumer Code of Practice. We ensure all our developer clients are fully compliant within the Code Scheme’s requirements.

    Our Development Service is Fully Bespoke

    We don’t suggest “cookie-cutter” homes or pre-mapped sites. We want to maximise your Return On Investment for every house and every site you build. We want your buyers to adore their new homes. We can tailor your site layout, house designs and everything in between, right down to the taps.

    We customise our services too, ensuring we work to your strengths and provide you with the benefits of all our expertise. Even if you are building one house on your very first site, we ensure you get the right services at the best price.

    Detailed Site Plan – Reassessed and modified to add value to the development.

    Brand Creation and Development

    Finding Your Development’s Identity

    Your development won’t be noticed without a strong and desirable brand.

    The most essential foundation of selling your new homes is investing in an effective brand identity for the development. We can scale this from a single home to a multi-phase development of hundreds of properties ensuring your branding is the best value for money you can get.

    Our own in-house team of graphic designers will work alongside you to create a strong identity for your build that drives enquiries.
    We can also help to strengthen the identity of your own operation, giving you a respected brand to carry your reputation to your next successful development. A weak brand will damage your sales and may restrict you from even achieving enquiries.

    Brand Evolution

    Follynook Flag

    On-Site & Digital Branding

    The first step in building interest for your properties is teasing the identity of your development long before your launch day.

    For single properties, you will see our new For Sale boards right across South Yorkshire.

    For larger developments, the site branding scales up too. On-site hoarding, stack boards, flags, signage, and even the Marketing Suite itself all carry the identity of the development and build interest from the moment you break ground.

    The MorfittSmith website will host your own dedicated development page, giving you a hub for your available plots and a place to see the latest content for the development. Your image will then carry onto each listing across the top four market-leading property portals, giving your brand colossal reach.

    The Sales Campaign

    The brand of your site informs every other step of the campaign. It will form the aesthetic of the CGIs, the style of the photographs, the energy of the video, and the feel of the brochure. A poor brand will detract from every other marketing investment you make.
    Once a strong brand has been built it creates a springboard for the success of every other stage of the development’s sale.

    Old Rose Brand

    Site and Show Home Set-Up

    Presentation is Everything

    MorfittSmith gives you access to resources not seen outside of national developers. Our breathtaking site designs create an inviting environment where buyers can fall in love with your homes.

    As soon as the brand stage is complete, construction of the CGIs and site plan can begin. These provide the majority content for your hoardings and stack boards and will guide enquiries to your build. Developments that really want to attract the right buyer may have flags, signage, and more. We then begin dressing and staging your show home and building the Marketing Suite.


    Show Home

    Show Home – Seeing is Believing Reserving

    By far the most powerful tool in securing a reservation is the ability to step inside a show home. We can offer a fully managed show home to even our smallest first-time developers, giving you the clout of a national developer at an affordable price point.
    The show home is a compound benefit; not only improving your chances of converting enquiries to reservations, but massively boosting the number you receive.
    A fully staged and set dressed show home can be photographed, filmed, and placed at the centre of a colossal marketing campaign. Replacing CGIs with real photography and video hugely improves impact, engagement, and the perceived value of a New Home.

    Marketing Suite

    For a development of any reasonable size, we always recommend a Marketing Suite. As new developments grow in popularity, competition between builders becomes fiercer every day. Buyers have higher expectations of builders as well. Standing in the shell of a half-finished property with an A4 photocopy of 2 CGIs doesn’t cut it in the current market.
    As national developers present their sites with colossal sales offices, expensive coffee, and on-site staff, smaller developers are being outsold at every turn. Our Full Spectrum of Services rise to meet that challenge. We construct a dedicated Marketing Suite; we provide a highly trained on-site Sales Advisor; and we wow your enquirers with the value of your homes. Investing in your site means you can secure confident reservations at the best possible price point.

    Marketing Suite

    Marketing – Photography, Video, and More

    More Than a Photograph

    Our unique in-house Marketing and Photography Department produce exclusive content that will blow your buyers away. You can see this work in every department and it isn’t just reserved for the big-budget builders. You will find our finest photography on our rental properties and our multi-million-pound developments.

    The complete marketing strategy for your development begins right as the land is chosen. The name, the brand, the logo, the CGI… all of these create a foundation on which your development will sell itself. Once the show home has been staged, we can then create the content that will make your development sell.

    We will produce incredible images, an exclusive short film, dynamic aerial video, and a brochure to showcase it all.

    Site Photography

    Photographer Frankie

    Professional Photography

    Standing out on property portals and catching the right buyer’s eye will always come down to having the best pictures.
    A listing with CGIs might only have 2 or 3 images to sell it. A property with a show home to photograph can have 20-30 professional studio-grade photographs that make it shine. We can rotate 10-15 images around regularly, keeping your listings new, enticing, and most importantly competitive.
    But our photos don’t just cover the show home itself. We research the area, capturing beautiful images of the local landscape, community, and landmarks. This gives context to your plots and helps to paint the lifestyle that will draw in buyers.

    An Exclusive Short Film

    Securing a sale on a high-value home is about presenting an aspirational image and showcasing the exclusive lifestyle that your development can provide.
    There is no better way to capture this than through our Exclusive Short Films.
    Our videos fully expand on our gorgeous show home photography by bringing it to life.
    We combine stunning visuals, exciting music, and breathtaking aerial video of the development and beyond.
    With the majority of enquirers finding us online, an amazing video is the perfect medium to capture someone’s eye. Conveying the scale, class, and sophistication of a home through video means you can increase its perceived value even further. The teaser trailer and the reveal of the full video create events that can further boost the impact of your launch day, ensuring you get the price you deserve for your newest build.

    Brochure Pile

    The Brochure

    Nothing quite compares to the feeling of holding something real in your hands. Our bespoke brochures are a physical representation of your property. They are tailor-made for your development with engaging descriptions, gorgeous visuals, and a production quality that is stunningly luxurious.
    When you are asking someone to make the biggest purchase of their life on something that doesn’t yet exist, handing them a real brochure to take home is crucial.
    Our best brochures are an experience that stays with you. Their scale and their luxury reflect the value of your homes.

    Marketing Reach

    Once all these engaging materials are prepared, they deserve to be seen. At MorfittSmith we do a lot more than just New Homes and our expertise in Sales and Lettings gives us a fresh perspective and significant market visibility.
    We list our new developments on the top four market-leading property portals, giving your build colossal reach. We make use of Premium Listings and Featured Properties, standing you head and shoulders above the rest. Our own bespoke website will have a dedicated page just for your development. This is a hub for your listings and materials to ensure prospective buyers see everything you have available in the best possible light.
    Our own sizable network of buyers, vendors, landlords, and tenants gives us an immediate marketplace for your homes from launch. We even reach potential buyers through social media and more traditional avenues such as The MorfittSmith Building’s backlit posters and touch screen window display.

    Smiffy Bears Laptop

    Exclusive Launch Day

    All Systems Go

    The Exclusive Launch Day is where the buzz for your development becomes a roar.
    At this point your brand is already up on site. The flags, boards, and hoarding look fantastic. The show home is dressed to impress. The invitations are out. We ready your photos, videos, and brochure and then, we reveal.

    To make the customer journey as easy as possible, we host the event on-site with our dedicated team. We serve champagne, canapés, and most importantly revel in what everyone has been waiting for… the homes.
    This is when your development takes flight, and all the hard work starts to pay off.

    Show Home Sign

    Invitation Wax Seal


    This all begins with the pre-launch. While the finishing touches are being made to your marketing materials, we launch your teaser. This is the first time you hit the market and the buzz begins to rise.
    We list the development’s brand for the first time publicly. You hit our website and all the portals with your bulletproof branding: an inspiring teaser video; enigmatic images; and the exclusive launch day application form.
    We then send out exclusive invitations for this event to build excitement and make our prospective buyers feel special.

    A Night to Remember

    The event itself will set you apart from the competition. Turning your development into an experience, we ensure your prospective buyers know that they are the most important people in the room, and if this house is to be their new home, they need only pick out the tiling.
    We reveal everything about the development for the first time. The show home is an open house, the full video is rolling, the photos are out, and lavish brochures are hot off the press. With bubbly in one hand and a tasty canapé in the other, it’s hard not to feel like royalty surveying your new kingdom.
    When this is the level of presentation, your homes couldn’t possibly look better. We don’t just sell houses you build; we help them to secure the value they truly deserve.

    Launch Days


    Securing Your First Reservations

    This is where you see all your hard work pay off. Our very own Sales Team are on hand for the whole event; guiding tours, answering questions, and encouraging your prospective buyers to fall head over heels for everything you have built. Exclusive Launch Days can be held on site or from the gorgeous MorfittSmith Building. We build an exciting and welcoming evening that gives buyers an opportunity to speak to the experts and have all their questions answered.

    Sales Management, Progression, and Handover

    From Reservation to Handover

    Now the enquiries and viewers are rolling, we can secure your reservations and sales. This is what we are best at. Our specialist New Homes Sales Advisors will get the best possible results for your build. For developments of a significant size, we can even provide a dedicated on-site Sales Advisor to ensure you never miss a sale.

    At MorfittSmith we are more than just a Builder Centre. We have specialist departments for Sales, Lettings, Marketing, & New Homes. Our decades of experience buying and selling homes makes us ideally suited to progressing and completing the sales of your new homes. We have expert industry partners ensuring rapid financial qualification, advice on legal conveyancing, and mortgage brokerage.

    Sale Board

    On Site Sales Advisor

    Don’t Lose Enquiries

    One of the greatest advantages of an on-site Sales Advisor is the ability to keep your development open for viewings all day long. This freedom of access means you can capture prospective applicants passing by who would otherwise be missed. It prevents the need for scheduling viewings which can lead to limited timeslots.

    Incentivised by us, our Sales Advisors are some of the hardest workers you will ever meet. They are responsible for taking all enquiries, self-generating appointments, and running viewings to achieve sales targets. They manage a database of all applicants, building relationships, and selling based on individual needs. They book valuations should clients require a Builder Assisted Sale and financially qualify all prospective clients. They provide advice on legal conveyancing to help choose a solicitor to suit the client’s/developer’s needs. All of this gives you the best chance of securing your reservations.


    Our decades of expertise in residential sales allows us to offer a smooth and efficient reservation experience. Once a reservation is completed, the on-site sales advisor will take the client through the exciting journey of bespoke home choices. We also offer an interior design service allowing purchasers to create their perfect home ready and waiting for moving day. Your show home benefits you even further as a gallery for the dream lifestyle interior, putting another feather in the cap of your development.
    We help our buyers to complete on their new homes quickly and efficiently, ensuring you develop an excellent long-term brand reputation for your properties. This also ensures the smooth flow of income and reduces the odds of buyers pulling out.
    Our on-site Sales Advisor keeps close contact with the purchaser throughout the buying process, guiding and helping wherever possible. Regular meetings with the site manager keep everyone well informed on build updates and sales progress, allowing us to tailor our campaign in real-time.

    New Homes Smiffy

    Moving In


    The final step is all about leaving a lasting impression with your buyer. However stressful moving might have been, whatever delays may have arisen in the reality of construction, we want them all to wash away as your buyer steps through those doors into their dream home. We want to solidify the permeant reputation of your development for posterity.
    Handover is an experience we want our buyers to enjoy. We produce a bespoke in-depth Handover Pack. This not only contains all the necessary legal paperwork, but also all the other useful information about the build, the site, and the features of their new home. This serves to answer the biggest questions that can plague a developer in the first few months of occupation and leave you and your buyers with a poor experience of the process.

    A Lasting Impression

    One of our most popular services is the inclusion of our luxurious Welcome Hampers. While these may look like a luxury to your buyers they are an amazing tool to our developers. Thoughtful gifts like these build brand retention and convert your buyers into brand ambassadors, helping you secure sales on the remainder of your development and building word of mouth for your future builds.

    These gorgeous baskets are full to the brim with handy tools, branded merch, and some great treats for their first few days in their new home. Champagne, Flowers, and a New Home Card welcome your buyers in. For the practical amongst us toolboxes like picture hanging kits and handy merch like coffee mugs make all the difference. These can all be designed, sourced, and arranged to reflect developer branding, ensuring consistency to the very end.

    Not all Developers and Developments are the same, so, the process is by no means one size fits all. Each development will have a tailor-made package to suit the developer and their vision.

    Handover Hamper

    Part-Exchange and Builder Assisted Sales

    What is Right for My Development?

    Another superb service we can offer you is the sale of your prospective buyers’ Part-Exchanged homes and the provision of Builder Assisted Sales.

    Whether you are a national giant or a first-time developer, securing a reservation from a buyer who has a home to sell can be a nightmare without the right help. We can offer these services at any stage of a development whether or not we managed the marketing and sale of the site. As an experienced agency with a dedicated residential sales department and a specialist new homes department, we offer a skill and an understanding for this process that most estate agents can’t match.

    Assisted Sale

    Key Handover


    The traditional method for securing reservation on higher value developments is for the developer to offer a Part-Exchange of the buyer’s home against the value of the home they wish to buy. This is often only available to national developers with the capital to “buy-in” the existing property.
    Our decades of expertise in residential sales makes the sale of these homes a dream. We will value the homes of your prospective buyers with a wealth of supporting comparable evidence, ensuring that you can trust our valuation to be a true representation of its market worth. We can be instructed on any home you wish to purchase in a part-exchange to ensure an efficient and expeditious sale.

    Builder Assisted Sale

    This more contemporary alternative to Part-Exchange carries a greatly reduced risk for the developer. Better yet, it is just as desirable and hassle-free for your buyer. This carries no requirement to “buy-in” the property and is consequently much more accessible for fledgeling developers.
    Once you instruct us to value your prospective purchaser’s home, we can move at an incredible pace. Our wealth of experience valuing and selling homes means we can agree realistic prices with you and your buyer for a prompt sale of their home. We aggressively market these homes, ensuring a fast exchange and giving you confidence in the buyer’s reservation.
    By instructing MorfittSmith we can offer your buyer’s this very desirable incentive to reserve your plots. This scheme allows smaller developers to take control of the sale and purchase of these properties, giving you the ability to compete with larger national house builders.

    Assisted Sale Smiffy

    Take the first step to selling your properties

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        As a private landlord, I have been a customer of MorfittSmith in Crookes for a few years. Two members of staff particularly stand out for me when it comes … More to excellent customer service. One has moved on to a new company, but the other, Emma Carver, is the Lettings Manager there. In all my dealings with her, Emma has been professional, customer-focused, always helpful and efficient. In short, exceptional at her job. I am grateful to have had her support in dealing with my flat.
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        Fantastic service from the team at Morfitt Smith! Recently have moved into a new rental property, and the service levels were excellent. Every detail … More was managed well and the property was immaculate when I got the keys. Would absolutely recommend the Agent and thank all the team for making my move to Sheffield a good one!

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