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We are a bespoke, independent agent that does things very differently

One of the biggest differences is our dedicated in-house Marketing and Photography Department.
We produce exclusive content to an incredible standard that you won’t find from any other agent.

Our team of professionals specialise in Photography, Videography, Editing, Graphic Design,
Presenting, Copywriting, Broadcast, and Drone Operation.


Securing the best possible price for your property will always come down to the right photography

Whether it is Sales, Lettings or New Homes, if you list with inadequate pictures you will attract the wrong interest or maybe no interest at all. Cutting corners here might delay your sale and will undoubtedly cost you when you secure a poorer price than your property deserves.

Photo by an estate agent vs photo by our
professional photographer and editors

Photo by a vendor vs photo by our professional
photographer and editors

We have invested heavily in our Marketing & Photography team. They use professional, studio-grade, equipment. They take their time in every property. And above all ensure that time and care is taken in the editing process.

Your property doesn’t have to be a £650,000 show home to be seen at its best.

Your images will be a true and attractive reflection of your property. They won’t be heavily airbrushed or distorted to be unrealistically big or beautiful, and they definitely won’t be dark, dingy, or small. With MorfittSmith they will be just right.

Photo by an estate agent vs photo by our
professional photographer and editors

Staging an empty property for maximum impact

For empty properties that want to see the greatest return on investment we recommend set dressing with one of our recommended partners. We can elevate the value of your property even further by giving an empty building or new home plot an atmosphere and an energy that sets it apart from the competition.


Video Viewing

Video can engage your interest and your imagination far better than a still photograph ever could. We offer a range of videography packages to suit any type of property, from an apartment to rent to a multi-million-pound new development, we will show your home the way it deserves to be seen.

Video Viewings have seen immense demand during COVID restrictions as they help to keep our tenants and our viewers safe. These videos are engaging and informative as our presenter guides you around the property in real-time. This helps to convey a true representation of your property and achieve the best rental or sale value for it.

*Ideal for a rental property
or a sub £350k sales property.

*Perfect for a high-end rental from £1’500 PCM+
or a sales property from £350k-£650k.

Lifestyle Video

Our exciting Lifestyle Videos offer a step-up in quality from Video Viewings. Their dynamic footage and thought-provoking music capture the atmosphere and the energy of a home in a way that only professional videography can. By conveying the true energy and scale of a home we can illustrate the incredible experience that it can offer.

Exclusive Short Films

Simply in a league of their own. These videos represent weeks of pre-production, location scouting, on site filming, and exhaustive editing. They combine gorgeous tours of the surrounding landscape and community with an inspiring exploration of the property and its features, all set to a rousing score to ignite your imagination. These exclusive short films are our most bespoke video work. They represent every inch of a property or a new development in its best light. They convey the majesty and sophistication of a property’s heritage and the style of a home’s more modern trimmings.

We can even incorporate aerial footage in our top tier of video production. Coupled with the much higher grade of cinematic equipment used for our Exclusive Short Films, you’re unlikely to find anything quite like this, short of hiring a dedicated film crew on a not inconsiderable budget.

*The only choice to truly represent a new home development or an elite property exceeding £750k.


Something that sets us apart from so many other excellent agents is the time our staff invest in the editing process.

Because a camera will never match a human eye, editing is an essential part of post-processing in digital photography. Most smartphones do this automatically as you take the photo “beautifying” your image even if you don’t want it to. These over-processed and over-edited images can misrepresent your property and may even put buyers off when they finally see the property in person.

The same photograph before and after professionally editing the image to better reflect the reality of the property.

The same photograph before and after professionally editing the image to remove the camera & tripod from a room with reflective surfaces.

Creating a realistic and true to life edit is a much more involved process. The MorfittSmith method is intensive. It involves colour grading the images, balancing multiple exposures, and so much more to produce a final image that is a true reflection of what the property feels like in person.

While our professional team could remove almost anything from an image or even add an elephant in the room if they wanted to, you can trust that we will never dishonestly doctor our photos and the only thing we will ever remove is the reflection of our camera or photographer.

Graphic Design

Thanks to our in-house Marketing Department we can offer some incredible services you probably wouldn’t ever find direct from an estate agent.

We actually have our own professional graphic designers. They will identify where your properties will find the most traction on the market and help to build them a brand and an identity to ensure their success.

Frankie Editing

Brand Evolution

This is especially important for new homes development where looking at raw site plans is about as exciting as counting grains of rice.

Helping a development to truly stand out before its show home is even built is an exercise in helping its personality to shine on paper. Our intensive R&D process explores the development, the area, its competition, and more to construct a brand and identity that allows your investment to grow.


Our copywriters produce thought-provoking content that will snare your audience’s interest.

It wasn’t too long ago that estate agent listings featured such horrible phrases as: “surprisingly spacious” and “Gas Central Heating/ UPVC Windows”. As you have probably guessed, that’s not really our bag. We keep on top of market trends and behaviours to ensure that we always describe our properties in the most engaging ways we can.

Charlie Writing

Brochure Pile

Our professional copywriting isn’t just for property listings. You will find an attractive description in every property’s digital and print brochures, for both sales and lettings.

Our copywriters face their biggest challenge when it comes to New Homes. When we build the brand and identity for a new development, we also develop its language giving it personality. Convincing your prospective buyer to make the biggest purchase of their lives requires their confidence in your property. It comes down to the authority and the detail of a professional description to convince them of that.


Presentation is everything. So, when it comes to engaging video content, it is our superb presenters who stand us above the competition.

We present a familiar face with a voice of experience, giving our customers and your prospective buyers confidence in their authority and in the quality of the home they are seeing.

You may have seen our presenters in our educational content like our COVID-19 Safer Viewings Video with over 13k views. Our high standard of succinct video presentation keeps our content fresh, informative, and engaging.

Presentation Example Rob

A professionally presented Video Viewing

Our Video Viewings are a perfect example of how our presenters can really sell the value of your property.

You may already be familiar with the majority of estate agent video tours. They are often characterised by an overlong, un-edited, video right out of a camera phone or a GoPro. They are often wobbly, unprofessional, and feature ad-hoc descriptions if they have audio at all.

Our Video Viewing are an engaging feature-focused tour that ensures the strongest qualities of your property get the attention they deserve. Our presented videos add both a visual and audio element to what would otherwise be a plain written description on your property listing.


Our Live Broadcasted Events are an outstanding way to engage with our audience and foster participation.

Broadcasting live rather than releasing a pre-recorded video turns an otherwise static video in a sea of content into a special event worthy of attention. Our Live-Stream events encourage audience participation giving us an amazing platform to answer questions and grow client relationships.

With a talented team of creatives, property experts, and a cupboard full of camera gear the next logical step was to do something positive with our resources and produce exciting, valuable, live content.

Broadcast Frankie

An excerpt from our November Landlord’s evening

We often use our in-person events as an opportunity to bridge the gap between our clients and our industry partners, adding value to our exclusive events by giving our customers access to industry experts on a range of subjects. Our Broadcast Events made this possible throughout COVID-19 when in-person events had to be postponed.

During COVID it hasn’t been safe to host our exclusive in-person events like the immensely successful Landlords Evenings. Fortunately having a Broadcast Team meant we could keep our Landlords in the loop throughout some of the biggest crisis-response changes to the rental market in the last decade.

Aerial Videography (Drone Operation)

A stunningly fresh perspective can be everything your property needs to get the attention it deserves.

Nothing quite compares to seeing a property from the air. Aerial video conveys the scale of a new development, the majesty of a gorgeous home, and the impact of a gorgeous garden. An elevated perspective lends even greater value to an empty plot of land that would otherwise be flat and dull.

Aerial Videography is available in addition to any of our three video packages giving your property the boost it deserves.

Aerial Video of a plot of Land for Sale

Sheffield from Above

We have our own UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) pilot and observers with skills in drone operation, estate agency, and professional videography. This winning combination gives our content a unique advantage over freelance drone agencies who may lack the industry focused eye.

We hold the qualifications and insurances to operate safely and legally around properties across the country, even in built-up areas. We can provide aerial video content to properties of any size, but we consider them as a necessity for empty plots of land, new home developments, and stunning properties over 750k.

Talk to our property experts today!

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    • Avatar George Pollard ★★★★★ 2 months ago
      Really friendly and professional service. I sold my previous house and bought my new house through MorfittSmith. Sale agreed in just over a week and having … More one route in for queries on both sides of the transaction made things much easier. Always quick to respond to queries and have even helped with some post-completion queries, contacting former owners to find the information I needed. Would recommend!
    • Avatar Kendra Roddam ★★★★★ a month ago
      Absolute pleasure to work with. Nothing was too much trouble. Any query I have would always be responded to timely and was kept update through the whole … More sales process.
    • Avatar Tony Fischer ★★★★★ a month ago
      True professionals. In over 25 years of renting all over the world, Rarely have I encountered people so considerate, responsive, and professional as the … More staff in this business.
      I could see that they strive to determine the best outcome for all parties in all situations and never offered any other than first class service.
      Do not hesitate to do business with these people. They are A1.!

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